About Us

Worldwide Livestock was founded by brothers Tony and Alex Alessandrini. Both of the brothers got their start in the business working for Lazcar International Inc. one of the largest Livestock shipping agents in the Southern United States. Both Tony and Alex have grown up shipping horses and Livestock at Miami International Airport, Tony has over 27 years of personal experience in the shipping, loading and flying of horses and various livestock all over the world. Alex the younger brother and head of operation has over 24 years of personal experience in the business. His main experience has always been in the handling, loading, and flying with horses and all types of livestock worldwide. Miami International Airport and USDA Animal Import/Export center has basically been their second home since childhood.

There is a staff of eight livestock handlers/professional grooms at W.L.S. All of our employees are carefully handpicked and experienced horsemen and/or have horses themselves. Some of our employees actually compete on a semi pro level. W.L.S.’s employee’s come with referrals from within the industry.

We have a very good employee retention rate; most of our crew has been with us since the company was founded. When a new employee is considered they go thru training and an on the job apprenticeship, learning the mechanics of the equipment and shipping procedures before they ever even handle or work with horses or livestock.

Without a doubt W.L.S. has the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel at Miami International Airport when it comes to the loading, offloading and transportation of horses and livestock. No one has more experience in setup of equipment and building of custom crates for the many variety of livestock that is shipped to and from Miami International Airport. That professionalism and experience is backed by well over 100 years of experience in the shipping of Horses and Livestock to Worldwide Livestock Services Inc.